There are various ways to take part in the adventure:

  1. Join the group and make the trip
    It will take some time and preparation, but nothing beats a long journey in a vintage Alfa
  2. Contribute ideas prior to the journey to make it more interesting.
    Local knowledge is far superior to google. Help us have a great adventure by sharing ideas as a local.
  3. Meet up along the way and either drive part of the way or just say hello.
    It will be difficult to give exact times we will be at certain locations but if you are on or close to our route meetups are possible. If you want to join and continue along with us, that is fine too.  If you can provide us overnight accommodations, this also would be very welcome.
  4. Follow along virtually online as we post here on this website or 
    Armchair travel, while not as rewarding has its advantages.  Perhaps you simply are not fortunate enough to own an Alfa Romeo!