Navigation Tools

To make navigating the trip easier the following files and apps are recommended.  Below are the .gpx files usable on most stand alone sat-nav systems for your car. They also can be used on the TOMTOM navigation app and the OSMAND+ app system for your smartphone.  Links for both are below.

Smartphone apps:external-content.duckduckgo
Available for both Android and iPhone are the following apps to follow the routes below. They do not require data for navigation.

This app is the easiest to use but requires a subscription of $1.99 for a month.  Used in conjunction with the TOMTOM GO website – to plot and share routes, this is the best option.     Android  /   iPhone

This app is a bit more complicated and its navigation is not as good as TOMTOM, but is free. Some people use it on a second screen as an overview of the route.
Android  /  iPhone

Recommended usage of appsScreen Shot 2020-02-03 at 7.52.50 PM
After years of trial and error with many types of car navigation systems I have come up with a system that seems to work best for me and perhaps will work for you. This system has been used in Europe and the USA for many hundreds of miles/KM.  It involves having two devices; I use my smart phone running TOMTOM GO for the turn by turn navigation with a visual map and voice guidance.  The other device is an inexpensive tablet  (I use an old Nexus 7) that displays an overview of the route on a map, current location and points of interest.  This display is for the co-pilot to use. Used/refurbished tablets are cheep and plentiful and are much better then a dedicated GPS unit.

Both mapping systems use .gpx files like the ones below. You need to load the device with the .gpx files to use them. With TOMTOM go you use the website to load the file then share it with your device. TOMTOM GO is only for road navigation and will not display the points of interest, and accommodations. Without those distractions, it will guide you via the custom planed route, and if you have data, will display any traffic.

OSMAND+ also uses the .gpx files for the route but in addition will display a star where each point of interest or accommodation is located.  This gives you the option of visiting the POI or not. With this program you need to load the gpx files within the program by connecting the tablet to your computer and transferring the files. Instructions are HERE

POI / Accommodation files